Evening Skincare Routine: November 2015 Edition

Hello Beauties!

I think I’m more of a skincare addict then a makeup addict these days, how times have changed. As much as I love skincare I try not to mix it up too often as my skin can play up. In March I brought to you my skincare routine which you can check out here. Today I bring to you my updated routine featuring more drugstore products which are surprisingly good!

This is my routine I use for hydration nights and every other night I use Alpha H Liquid Gold to get a chemical exfoliation.

To start off with I remove my makeup using this routine, click here. 


Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

My new go to face cleanser! I’ve lost count of how many tubes my boyfriend and I have gone through. I apply about 5 cents worth to my face and using my Foreo Luna I massage the cleanser into my skin then rinse off after a minute is over. Great cleanser at removing makeup, the beads are gentle and your skin feels clean but not stripped of its natural oils.

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Evening Skincare Routine

Hello Beauties!

Skincare is always a hot topic and of personal interest to me. I love hearing what people use and why. Today I bring to you my evening skincare routine for hydration. Not to confuse you but when I need to exfoliate my skin using products such as Alpha H Liquid Gold, its slightly different (but we’ll save that for another day). Before we proceed I should tell you my skin is combination; more on the oily side and occasionally dehydrated.

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