Review: Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner

Hi Beauties,

You all know my obsession with anything Ultraceuticals related so when I heard that they were launching their new product, Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner* I was like, gimmie!

To be honest, my pore size has never really caused me any grief. I think my pore size is normal, but was still keen to try this. While I’m not necessarily the target audience, it was recommended as a replacement of my beloved Ultra Clear Lotion. Now that caused me grief as I absolutely love the Ultra Clear Lotion. But as a beauty blogger, I’ve made the commitment to try new products, so here’s my thoughts on the new Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner.


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Beauty Faves of 2018

Hi Beauties,

Can you believe another year is over? This December I’ve been super festive, I really seem to be getting into the Christmas spirit. I think its because we put up our first Christmas tree in our home (we’ve been there 3 years). Since I’m not doing monthly faves anymore I think the yearly recap really shows what I’ve absolutely loved! What’s interesting is most of the products featured were also featured last year.

Beauty Faves 2018

Ultraceuticals Skincare

Absolutely love Ultraceuticals- its done wonders for my skin! If I was to choose 1 favourite product I would say the Ultra Clear Lotion, however that could easily change as I’m trying out their new Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner which has similar ingredients.

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Review: New and Improved Ultraceuticals Radiance Plus Facial

Hi Beauties,

As most of you know I’ve been having Ultraceuticals facials for the past 18 months. To be fully honest and transparent with you the beginning few were gifted to me but in the past year I have happily paid for my own facials as I know how amazing the results are.

As I’ve never talked about the facial and since they have updated and improved the Radiance Plus Paramedical Treatment that I get, I thought I better explain to you what the treatment entails and the changes.

First off, the Radiance Plus treatment is great all for all skin types and skin needs. There are plenty of other treatments available but this is the most suitable for me as I have darker skin.

What Ultraceuticals says about Radiance Plus, “This radiance-boosting mask combines a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness to instantly reveal a luminous complexion.”


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