Places to Visit in Singapore

Hello All,

Thank you for all your ongoing support and for sticking with me throughout all the holiday spam. After every holiday I love to share my recommendations with you because I know when I travel I love recommendations.

But before we get onto the recommendations, I want to say how amazing their public transport is. We walked or caught trains everywhere. It was so easy to use and I highly encourage you to use their trains if you want to check out the sights below.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a must! Its this massive plot of greenery smack bang in the middle of the CBD. Well if I’m honest its not exactly in the middle but it’s pretty central. Its pretty cool how they have all these difference plants, trees and flowers all under the same roof so make sure to have a look at the gardens. Also the air conditioning is a nice change from the humid weather.

If you get a bit peckish there are some restaurants inside, but I think they were a bit over priced. Marina Bay Sands is close by so just go there after, which takes me onto my next recommendation.


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Places to Visit: Bali Edition

Hello travellers,

Seems like everyone and their mum, dad, brother and sister are all going to Bali! I recently went to Bali for the first time and was overwhelmed so I asked for loads of recommendations and was so happy with the places I went that I wanted to share them with you!

Victory BLC Centre- Bali*

Victory BLC provides a unique treatment using their BLC Therapy. The benefits of the BLC Therapy include rejuvenated skin, regrowth of thinning hair and treating muscular pain. The treatment is so unique and consists of gently rolling an ion onto problem areas using their BLC serum. The best way to describe the roller is similar to a jade beauty roller but made of metal, however surprisingly not painful. The treatment takes about 2 hours, starting with the back using the rolling ion, flipping to the front and repeating on the face and front of the body. They also apply Vitamin C and E serum and finish off with a sheet mask. After the session we were able to compare the results with a before and after photo. My skin was noticeably less oily, more hydrated and not as dark under my eyes. If you can’t get to Bali to try this out, Victory BLC also have a salon in Chatswood, Sydney.

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Places to Visit: New York Edition

Hello lovelies,

With winter upon us in Oz, most Aussies tend to travel to warmer weather. One of my favourites places has to be New York in Summer! Its scary to think that it was 2 years ago that I went (and had gone the year prior as well, I told you I loved New York!). With so many like minded peeps travelling to New York over summer, I wanted to share some of my favourite places to go while there!

Places to Eat and Drink

Eataly- 200 5th Avenue at 23rd

Amazing Italian! They have a rooftop restaurant which is a little expensive but worth it for the view as well. If you’re on a budget make sure to check out the food options in store- you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices!  And make sure to check out the Nutella Bar.

Eataly 10     Eataly 5

Nutella Bar 2

230 Fifth- 230 Fifth Avenue, corner 27th Street

Tourist central, but the view is amazing! This is a rooftop bar and the view is magical! Open for brunch until late into the evening. Sorry I don’t have any nice photos, but its definitely worth a visit.

Dean and Deluca- 560 Broadway at Prince Street

I always started my day with a coffee or iced coffee from Dean and Deluca. A donut or yogurt and muesli is always a good option too….

Dean and Deluca

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