2020 Beauty Favourites

Hi All,

I’m finally back! Unintentionally took a really long break between blog posts. I think it was the mix of COVID and I wasn’t really trying new products. Anyway throughout the year of 2020 I used it as an opportunity to use what I had which was a great way to rediscover old favourites but of course I still found a few new faves along the way.

Ere Perez Oat Foundation*

Absolutely fell in love with this “clean” foundation! Light to medium coverage and beautiful and glowy. This product has inspired me to do another blog post, its just that good that I have to tell you more about it, so watch this space….

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Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Hi Beauties,

A lot of you have asked me to share my pregnancy skincare routine but to be honest it hasn’t really changed. The only thing that I no longer use is Retinol or Vitamin A as it can have negative effects on the baby- don’t ask me about the science but basically you’re advised to stop using it when pregnant.

Anyway since my routine hadn’t changed much, however there were a lot of new pregnancy related beauty products I started to use and love I thought I would share them with you.


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Review: The Jojoba Company Oily Skin Balancer

Hi Beauties,

When I saw The Jojoba Company launched a new face oil targeted at oily skin that could also minimise oil production, I was like, gimme! As an oily/ combo skin gal, I’m always a bit weary about face oils and will never wear it them during the day. But since this face oil is meant to minimise oil production I wanted to put it to the test. Let me introduce¬†The Jojoba Company Oily Skin Balancer*¬†


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