Evening Skincare Routine: November 2015 Edition

Hello Beauties!

I think I’m more of a skincare addict then a makeup addict these days, how times have changed. As much as I love skincare I try not to mix it up too often as my skin can play up. In March I brought to you my skincare routine which you can check out here. Today I bring to you my updated routine featuring more drugstore products which are surprisingly good!

This is my routine I use for hydration nights and every other night I use Alpha H Liquid Gold to get a chemical exfoliation.

To start off with I remove my makeup using this routine, click here. 


Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

My new go to face cleanser! I’ve lost count of how many tubes my boyfriend and I have gone through. I apply about 5 cents worth to my face and using my Foreo Luna I massage the cleanser into my skin then rinse off after a minute is over. Great cleanser at removing makeup, the beads are gentle and your skin feels clean but not stripped of its natural oils.

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Products of the Month: September

Hello beauties,

Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Is that weird that I just said that… Anyway, with Christmas almost here I’ve been saving my dollars and revisiting some existing products. Here’s what I’ve been loving in September!

The Balm Betty-Lou-Manizer

My obsession for this bronzey highlighter is too much! I’ve been using this on a regular basis to create a healthy glow in addition to The Balm Mary-Lou. Click here and here to see some makeup looks I’ve created using Betty-Lou.


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Essentials Collection: High End Skincare

Hello beauties,

Over the next couple of months I’ll be starting my new series, The Essentials Collection. Today I’ll be sharing my essential high end skincare products and next week I’ll talk drugstore skincare. Comment below with what essentials you want to see next time?


Alpha H Liquid Gold

My hero product! Whenever my skin is feeling spotty, dull or uneven I go to my liquid gold and the following day wake up with beautiful fresh skin. Click here for a full review.

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