Brand Focus: The Beauty Chef (Inner Beauty Products)

Hello lovelies,

For 2017 I’m focusing on my health and wellness! So, what that really means is I’m making sure I eat well, drink loads of water, and work out regularly. With this goal in mind, The Beauty Chef products tick so many boxes! The Beauty Chef focuses on beauty from within, so basically if you have a clean gut you’ll have beautiful skin! I love that philosophy as its everything I agree with. I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of their Inner Beauty products and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.


About Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder*

  • I have the original Glow Powder and it looks like they only sell the Advanced formula now, so I can’t comment on the difference
  • Retails for $59.95 which should be enough for approximately 30 servings. I swear I’ve used it more than 30 times!
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Natural probiotic, which is perfect for your gut health!
  • You can mix it with your water or smoothie. Personally, I mix it with my smoothie
  • I didn’t expect it to taste nice and was pleasantly surprised! Its quiet sweet which is nice when mixed in with my banana and berry smoothie
  • By including the Glow Powder in my daily smoothies, I feel full in the morning, less bloated and my skin is slowly clearing up

“Taking Glow Inner Beauty Powder to the next level is GLOW ADVANCED, a new and improved bio-fermented super-food beauty blend with more antioxidants, more minerals, more vitamins and extra probiotics designed to improve gut health and enhance the skin from the inside out.”


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Introduction to Organic Skincare

Hello beauties,

Some of you may know I’m been wanting to transition to organic skincare. Well I’ve finally taken the plunge and have found so many awesome organic products that are effective and won’t break the bank. A bit of a disclaimer; I don’t think I will ever be 100% committed to organic skincare but I will try to use as many effective natural products as possible.

Wildcrafted Organics Neroli Cleansing Oil*

I love this cleanser to remove my makeup. It’s really effective at removing majority of makeup while leaving the skin feeling hydrated. Click here for a review.

Wildcrafted Organics Wild Rose Botanical Mist*

Love this rose facial mist! I think its better than the Jurlique one as it’s not as intense in smell and it’s a much finer mist. Click here for a review.

FullSizeRender (7)

Edible Beauty NO.2 Citrus Rhapsody Radiance Tonique*

This is another beautiful face mist and if you’re not a fan of rose then you’ll love this! Its lightly scented and disperses a beautiful fine mist.

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Serums for All Skin Needs

Hello beauties,

The realm of serums can be extremely overwhelming when you’re starting out. I’ve been using serums for years and still get overwhelmed for choice! Here’s a few of my favourites that are targeted for specific needs such as pigmentation, brighter skin. Hopefully you’ll find one that suits your skin needs x

FullSizeRender (4)

For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Serum*

This serum contains one of my favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid is used to retain moisturise in the skin which ultimately makes your skin more hydrated and prevents the signs of ageing. What’s unique about this serum is it contains three types of hyaluronic acid that captures, retains and creates moisture in the skin. The serum itself is so light weight and thin and feels like water. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin.

Antipodes Brightening Serum*

You know this is one of my favourite serums! After only using this serum for a couple of weeks my skin was noticeably brighter. I don’t think it adds much hydration as it’s a water based serum, but definitely brightens the skin. But don’t worry you can always layer serums.

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