Review: Edible Beauty No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum

Hi Beauties,

Since getting pregnant I’ve tried to use more organic and natural skincare products Edible Beauty has always been a favourite- click here for a review. So when they sent me their No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum* to try I was like, gimmie!


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Review: Sukin Coffee and Coconut Exfoliating Facial Masque

Hi Beauties,

Not gonna lie, I’m a bit old fashion and love a good old fashion physical exfoliant, so long as there’s no micro beads and its not going to damage my skin. When Sukin launched their new Coffee and Coconut Exfoliating Facial Masque* I was intrigued. Physical exfoliation but in a mask form, lets see how it works.


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Review: The Jojoba Company Oily Skin Balancer

Hi Beauties,

When I saw The Jojoba Company launched a new face oil targeted at oily skin that could also minimise oil production, I was like, gimme! As an oily/ combo skin gal, I’m always a bit weary about face oils and will never wear it them during the day. But since this face oil is meant to minimise oil production I wanted to put it to the test. Let me introduce The Jojoba Company Oily Skin Balancer* 


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