Review: Makeup Eraser

Hi beauties,

Have you heard of the Makeup Eraser? Maybe you’ve seen their pink cloth that claims to remove makeup with just water? I heard a bit of hype around the cloth last year but never got around to trying it. Lucky for me I was gifted one! So does the Makeup Eraser* work?

About the Makeup Eraser*:

  • First off, it doesn’t say how it actually works, ie. what technology is used or if there are chemicals. It’s all a bit vague which concerns me.
  • Retails for $32 AUD from Sephora Australia
  • Machine washable

 “Reusable and incredibly soft against the skin, the Makeup Eraser is every makeup lover’s best friend. All it takes is warm water to wash away the day—even waterproof eyeliner and mascara or stage makeup! Each cloth lasts up to a thousand washes. Its soft, woven polyester blend gets rid of touch makeup without leaving behind residue.”


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