Review: Homedics Skin + Skin Rejuvenating and Cleansing System

Hello beauties,

As you all know I’m a skincare junkie! I think its fair to say I love trying all the skincare tools, give me anything skincare related and I wanna try it! The latest skincare tool to hit the market is the Homedics Skin + Skin Rejuvenating and Cleansing System*. This product is designed to boost the absorption of skincare products and to help hydrate and smooth the skin. So how does it work?


How to use the Homedics Skin + ?

  • Cleanse your face as usual
  • Apply your moisturiser on the skin rejuvenator. Personally I just apply my moisturiser as normal with my hands
  • Turn on the hot massage which vibrates slightly to allow better absorption of skincare products
  • Move in circular motions from inside to outside, bottom to top
  • It then turns off after what feels like about 2 minutes and your moisturiser should be more absorbed into the skin
  • Then turn the cool massage on which again will vibrate
  • The cool massage helps shrink the size of pores, reduce puffiness and redness and tightens and smooths the skin

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