Face Masks for Oily Skin

Hello Beauties,

If you have oily skin like me, you know the importance of a weekly face mask. Here are some of my favourite face masks that are most suitable for oily skin types to keep the oils at bay and prevent breakouts.

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Queen Helene- Mint Julep Masque

This is a great drugstore face mask, that absorbs excess oil without completely stripping the skin. This retails for approximately $6 and is available from iHerb. It can be a little drying so I recommend applying before you head into the shower and once in the shower wash off with hands and a damp muslin cloth.

Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask

This is quite a unique mud mask, its actually quite thin in texture and not as drying as other mud masks. To wash off its best to start off by adding a bit of water and massaging the mask in, then to finish off use a warm muslin cloth. Afterwards my skin felt really clean, a little red and when I apply my remaining skincare products my face drinks it up. I’ve also applied Alpha H Liquid Gold after using this mask and my skin had a bit of a tingle, so I could tell this mask really cleared out the skin.

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My Skincare Prep Before a Long Haul Flight

Hello beauties,

By now you know I’m a massive skincare junkie. When I go on holidays, I get super excited not only to pack my clothes but also all my skincare and makeup items. In addition to all the packing and organising done beforehand, I always make sure to prep my skin. Here’s my skincare routine before a long haul flight.

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Tips to Clearer Skin

Disclaimer alert!!! I do not have perfect skin, I am not a skin specialist and I am by no means a “know it all”…

Hello beauties,

Since starting my blog, my skin was playing up a bit. In recent months it’s finally calmed down and I wanted so share with you some of my learnings.

My skin is combination- oily, but slightly dehydrated. In the past couple of months I haven’t had any blemishes (I’m so surprised) but if I do, it’s around my nose or chin (hormonal zones..)

This was my skin a couple of months ago, a bit problematic...
This was my skin a couple of months ago, a bit problematic…

Here’s a quick update of my skin now that I’ve been using Ultraceuticals products. Below is January 2017.


Here are a few things that helped clear up my skin:

Back to Basics

I stopped trying new products, and stuck to a basic skincare routine. Here’s my morning and evening skincare routine.

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