Back to Work Outfit Inspiration

Hi Guys,

With most of us heading back to work this week, I wanted to share a few go to outfits that I wear on high rotation. Hopefully it can inspire you to mix up your wardrobe x

Outfit 1: Midi Silk Skirt and T-Shirt 

This season its all about Midi Skirts! There’s so many options out there at various price points, but personally I found the Cotton On ones to fit the best for my body shape and not cost a blood fortune.



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My Experiences Shopping with Réalisation Par

Hi Beauties,

I’ve been wanting the Réalisation Par dress, The Ozzie – Pansy for so long! So when they had a 20% off sale a couple of weeks ago I took it a sign I should just get it. At that stage I would have taken any sign haha! I also convinced my bestie to get a dress so we could get free shipping. Here’s my thoughts about the whole shopping experience:

Realisation Park Ozzie Dress 2

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