Review: Boots Laboratories Optiva Skincare Range

Hello beauties,

To all those people like myself who have not been to the UK, Boots in a drugstore similar to our Priceline. Boots sell a lot of other brands but have also become well known for their own home brand skincare and makeup range. I’ve already tried their primer and love love love it! I’ve also been super keen to try their skincare range but got overwhelmed by their selection. Lucky for me I was given the opportunity to trial their Optiva* range.

The Optiva range is targeted as a better defence against dehydrated and dull skin, and is proven to provide healthier looking skin in just 2 weeks. When I read that statement I thought that was pretty bold, but I put the range to the test over the last 2 weeks and here are the results.


Boots Laboratories Optiva Radiance Renew Foaming Wash* $14

Love the packaging, super easy to pump out the foaming cleanser. I use about 2 pumps morning and night. The scent is lightly chemical but also natural, hope that makes sense. I find this really gentle on the skin and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s also great at removing the last traces of makeup.

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My Go-To Primers for All Skin Types

Hello beauties,

I’m a big primer advocate! I have oily skin so primer is essential, but personally I think all skin types can benefit from primer. With the below primers, I’ll tell you which ones are suited for a particular look or particular skin type.

Nivea Post Shave Balm

This is a great all-rounder primer suitable for all skin types. The Nivea Post Shave Balm works beautiful as a base for foundation, allowing your foundation to grip onto something, and also prolongs the wear of your makeup. The only thing that it doesn’t do is minimise pores, but that’s where the next primers come in. Click here for a full review of the Nivea Post Shave Balm.

Benefit Porefessional or Innoxa Skin Perfect Pore Vanishing Cream

Personally I find the Benefit Porefessional and the Innoxa Skin Perfect Pore Vanishing Cream do the same thing, they minimise pores amazingly well! I have oily skin and these two are my go to primers, as they keep the oils at bay, minimise pores and prolongs the wear of my foundation. These primers don’t work well under powder foundation. Here’s a detail comparisons of the two primers.


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Makeup of the Day: Quick and Easy Work Makeup

Hello beauties,

With the start of the new year I always tend to be time poor when it comes to getting out the door. What with having a bite to eat, preparing my lunch let alone trying to get ready, I knew I needed a quick and easy work makeup look. Here’s a simple makeup look that takes me 10- 15 minutes to do yet still makes me presentable for work!


No7. Boots Beautifully Matte Primer
Priming is essential if you want your makeup too last all day and it’s perfect to prep the skin for makeup.

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer- NC35
I apply this first under my eyes either using my fingers, a small eyeshadow brush or my Beauty Blender.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation- Sand Tan
This is my go to foundation if I want to look flawless and have my makeup lasting all day. This foundation is great as its mineral makeup, allowing my skin to breathe through the day. Click here for a full review.

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