Sunday Pamper Session

Hello beauties,

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of your weekend! With today’s post I wanted to share with you my new weekly pamper session to unwind and prepare me for the week ahead! Here’s a few of my favourite products and rituals for a Sunday evening. There’s also a sneaky giveaway at the end 😉

First off, get the tub ready. Fill it up with warm water, don’t get carried away with the hot water (I’ve burnt myself so many times, I’m very new to baths).


Natura Siberica Bath Salts* and Natura Siberica Oblepikha Bath Foam*

While the water is still filling up I throw in some bath salts and pour some of the bath foam in. The Natura Siberica Bath Foam, foams up really well and smells beautiful like the rest of their products from the Oblepikha range (click here for a review).

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Review: bitchinskin Matcha Body Scrub

Hello beauties,

I’m so late on the body scrub bandwagon that now there’s Matcha body scrub! bitchinskin* offers a unique twist on the traditional body scrub, by making a body scrub with organic Matcha green tea. As a big lover of green tea this was up my alley.

About bitchinskin Matcha Body Scrub

“The body scrub exploding with matcha, peppermint and coconut to brighten, purify, smooth and tone. 
I’ll dig deep to soothe post-workout soreness and target pesky skin conditions such as acne, flakiness & irritation as well as cellulite and wrinkles.”

  • Retails for $14.95, and that would offer about 3 – 5 full body uses
  • Free delivery in Australia


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