Dupe Alert: Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes vs Essano Micellar Soothing Sensitive Wipes

Hello beauties,

A couple of weeks ago I brought to you my review of the various Micellar Waters I had in my stash. I also opened with a disclaimer that I didn’t like Micellar Waters as they used to many cotton rounds. That’s the truth… I know Micellar Water is better than using traditional face wipes, but it takes forever. So that’s where my excitement for Micellar Face Wipes comes in! The best of both worlds! Micellar Water in an easy Face Wipe form. There’s a few on the market, but for today I wanted to compare the OG in Micellar Water, Bioderma’s new Micellar Face Wipe* against Essano’s more natural and affordable Micellar Wipes*.


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Micellar Waters in Review

Hello beauties,

Disclaimer, I don’t like Micellar Waters. Yes they’re effective, but I find it takes too many cotton rounds to remove all my makeup. But for you I’ve tried them all and here’s the run down of the ones I like and don’t like. I’ve sorted them by most affordable to most expensive.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water* $13.99 for 400ml 

The first affordable micellar water to compete with the OG, Bioderma. Yes its effective, and yes its cheap. Click here for a full review of all the Micellar Waters in the Garnier range.

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First Impressions: Bioderma Sensibo Lait and Tonique

Hello Beauties,

Bioderma has expanded on their bestselling Sensibo range. Best known for their Micellar Water in the pink and white bottle, Bioderma has recently added to the range by launching their Bioderma Sensibo Lait* which is a Cleansing Milk and their Bioderma Sensibo Tonique* which is a moisturising toner.

About the Bioderma Sensibo range:

This range is targeted at sensitive skin, that suffers from redness, can get easily dehydrated and can suffer from dryness. I have oily/ combination skin so this isn’t the perfect match for my skin needs, so please keep that in mind with this review.

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Overall Thoughts on the Bioderma Sensibo Lait*

  • It’s a cleansing milk and has a slightly thicker texture than I was expecting, slightly gel like
  • I didn’t read the instructions at first and applied this cleanser, then used water to wash off- you’re not meant to use it that way and it’s not that effective if you use it this way
  • You’re meant to use this to remove makeup, so apply to dry skin (with makeup on) and massage the cleanser and using a cotton to remove the traces of the cleanser and makeup. This works really well and you don’t need to rinse off, however I like to follow up with a second cleanse
  • I also tried using it by applying the cleanser to a cotton round and using it to wipe off the makeup. It works but not as effective and quite messy

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