Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Hi Beauties,

A lot of you have asked me to share my pregnancy skincare routine but to be honest it hasn’t really changed. The only thing that I no longer use is Retinol or Vitamin A as it can have negative effects on the baby- don’t ask me about the science but basically you’re advised to stop using it when pregnant.

Anyway since my routine hadn’t changed much, however there were a lot of new pregnancy related beauty products I started to use and love I thought I would share them with you.


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The Beauty Products I Will Always Repurchase

Hello beauties,

I saw the lovely Rosa from Lipstick n Linguine do a post about all the beauty products she repurchases and well I just wanted to copy her. As a beauty blogger I get to try so many products, and I think everything is amazing. But lets be real. New products lose their shine and there’s always a handful of products you come back to. Well I’ve got a bit more than a handful…


LÓreal True Match Foundation

When I was in the States I stocked up on this foundation. But luckily for me Australia now stocks my shade- however I haven’t needed to buy it yet as I’m still working through my stash. I use this foundation most days as it provides great coverage and lasts really well throughout the day. Prior to LÓreal True Match I would have said my holy grail foundation was NARS Sheer Glow. But at half the price I can’t complain about LÓreal.

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Tips for Clearer Skin 2.0

Hello beauties,

So a while ago I did a post about my tips for clearer skin. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out. Fast forward 18 months or so and my skin is looking its best! So I wanted to share a few tips that have worked really well for me.

Don’t mix it up, stick to a routine

As a beauty blogger, I’m very blessed to be given the opportunity to try lots of products. But trying all these products started playing havoc on my skin. At the end of last year I vowed to just stick it out with one brand. As you all know I found love with Ultraceuticals*. The products work and my routine is lot more simpler. Now I’m not saying you have to use Ultra products. What I’m saying is find which products work for you and stick to it. When I was doing organic skincare solely for 2 months my skin looked great! The moment I try too many new product, my skin freaks out and I can’t work out which product is not agreeing with me.


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