27 Facts About Me

Hello lovelies,

In preparation for my 27th birthday tomorrow, or today, or a couple of days ago depending on when you are reading this… I wanted to share some facts about me that you might not know.

1.My name is Rachel and I’m an only child.

2.Everyone asks what my nationality is and I hate being asked. I say I’m Australian because I’m born and breed here.

3.But for all the annoying people that want to know “what my nationality is?”, my mum is Chinese and my dad is Anglo-Indian.

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4.And before you ask, I can only speak English. I can understand a bit of Hindi but can’t speak it.

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Wedding Update: June 2017

Hello lovelies,

Thank you for all your support with my wedding series. I know wedding talk isn’t for everyone and that’s fine but I really appreciate your support. Since my last post a lot of stuffed has been organised.

What’s Styling and Do I Need It?

Did you know there’s such a thing called a wedding stylist? Well I didn’t. A wedding stylist tends to organise the flowers, some are qualified florists as well and they style your whole ceremony and reception. Pretty much they style as much as you want. I had a look into a stylist and it was going to cost me about $3,000 which is quite a bit considering our wedding is small and we didn’t want much styling or flowers. My friend recommended I speak with a florist, which was the best advice! I found an up and coming florist near me. We had a meeting, they got a good understanding of what we were trying to achieve for our wedding day, shared and few examples and ta da we had a quote! They’re even doing all the styling, which like I mentioned is very basic. All up the flowers are costing just over $650! BARGAIN!

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Health and Fitness Update: May 2017

Hello lovelies,

If you follow me on Insta stories you would have been bombarded by all my fitness photos. Disclaimer, I only post fitness photos when I think I look good and as a motivation to show I’m actually at the gym.

Over the past couple of months I’ve gone through phases of being motivated and unmotivated. I find it hard to always consistently be motivated to be fit and I’m ok with that. I enjoy my naughty days, probably a bit too frequently but in the end I still want to enjoy my life.

Since my last fitness update, I haven’t lost much weight but I know I’m so much fitter. My personal trainer has even commented on how much I’ve improved, mainly my core strength. So what’s changed?


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