Wedding Update: October 2017

Greetings to my lovely followers,

Thank you again for all your support. I get blown away by how many of you read these posts and check out my #bridediaries. The end of September and October has been a last minute scramble to tie up loose ends for the wedding. But its all coming together. By the time this posts goes live, we’ll be only a couple of weeks away from the big day, eek!

Bible Readings

Selecting the readings for our wedding has become surprisingly overwhelming. The priest gave us plenty of notice and said make sure you select your readings well and truly in advance. Well some how we’ve kinda left it to the last minute. We’ve finally selected our readings (one featured below) but I’m still trying to figure out the printing. Any tips on how to print it in a A5 booklet? I don’t want to pay for it as no one ever keeps them.

Love is Patient
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Health and Fitness Update: October 2017

Hello lovely followers,

Before we get into it I wanted to say thank you for all your continued support. Today’s a bit of a different health update. It’s a hybrid between getting fit and wedding stress. I’ve contemplated whether I should do this post, but in the name of total disclosure I wanted to share my true feelings around my weight, body and overall appearance in the lead up to the wedding.

As some of you may have seen on my Insta Stories Series #BrideDiaries I’ve been struggling with my weight and I guess having body image issues. This whole wedding business has caused unnecessary stress. In October 2016 I tried on my wedding dress and loved it. Obviously the next step was all about loosing weight and toning. Fast forward to June 2017 and I realised I’ve put on 2 kilos which I know is not much at all. But then I saw that in June 2016 I was 5 kilos lighter which gave me the shits! On top of that my fat % had increased as well- not happy Jan!


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Wedding Update: September 2017

To all my lovely followers, the time is drawing near. The wedding day is under 2 months away, eek! Here’s what’s been happening since my last wedding recap…

The Dreaded Guest List

I thought we avoided the whole who ha with the guest list. I was wrong… We pretty much knew who would be invited as we have a small venue with very strict limitations. But then it started with my dad. As an only child he wanted a big party. I told him throughout the process we’re having a small wedding and he could only choose one set of friends. A few tears later and I think he finally gets the message, here’s hoping. Then moving onto Ben’s family. Again we thought we finalised the list but when some family members came back to live in NSW, it became complicated. A few heated conversations discussion about the pros and cons, I think we’ve agreed on a solution. What I learnt from this experience is to not be a bossy boots, listen to your partner and voice your concerns. This was a great test for us and made us even more certain that we’ve grown as a couple as we were able to have serious conversation without fighting.

Having a Catholic Wedding

Since we’re having a Catholic wedding we had do get our Baptismal Certificates which wasn’t too hard and we need to do marriage classes. I know you all roll your eyes at the marriage classes, but I’m kinda excited! Who doesn’t want to learn how to communicate more effectively with their partner? What we kinda forgot about was we had to choose all the readings. So I guess we’ll be reading the Bible for the next couple of months…


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