Tips for Blogging: Second Edition

Hi lovelies,

A couple of months ago I brought to you some of my tips to blogging. Click here to check out those tips. Today I have a few more tips I want to share with you xx

Comment Pods

Comments pods are a new initiative by bloggers to increase engagement on Instagram and on blogs. I’m part of a few and I think it’s a great way to network, show support to your fellow bloggers, stay up to date in the blogging world and it also looks great for your engagement rates. On Facebook, there’s a group called Blog Squad which is a comment pod for blogs and if you are part of Bloggers United, you can ask the group if there’s any free spots to join an Instagram comment pod.


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 2017

Hello lovelies,

Need some inspo for Mother’s Day pressies? Well I’ve got you covered. Something for all mums, the glam mummies, to the beauty obsessed, to the mums you have no idea what to buy! Apologies in advance for the lengthy post x

Genie Instant Line Smoother*, exclusive to TVSN. RRP: $59.95 

Perfect for the mum that’s loves anti-aging products! This instantly smooths away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness.

Genie Dream Cream*, exclusive to TVSN. RRP: $60.00

This cream increases the skin’s moisture by 400% in just 15 minutes! Sounds like a product we could all use in the lead up to winter.


Skinstitut Cleansers*. RRP: $26 to $30 

You all know my love for these cleansers. There’s a cleanser for all skin types, but if your mum is concerned about anti-ageing the Glycolic Cleanser is a must.


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Wedding Update: March 2017

Hello lovely followers,

Here’s the latest instalment of my wedding plans! My partner Ben and I made the promise we wouldn’t organise or discuss wedding stuff until after the engagement party. It was a good agreement as that was stressful enough. During the planning of the engagement party I became extremely emotional and was crying uncontrollably. It was all too much, I was getting overwhelmed with everything, yet not doing anything… I wanted to share this tid bit with you, because I’m not sure if other people felt the same way. But I’m happy to say after the engagement party I’ve been so much better with no tears!

Wedding Discussions

After the engagement party, Ben and I discussed our wedding plans. We had discussed it over the years, so we had a pretty good idea of what we both wanted, however we wanted to make sure we were both on the same page. Luckily we both were! While we were both happy with our decision, I still wanted to make sure Ben had a say as it’s easy to get carried away and forget about the groom. Ben is from the country and I wanted to make sure that if he wanted a country wedding we would seriously consider it. We did discuss it and researched it briefly, but ultimately decided it was too hard. We also discussed our wedding budget which was very rough, but became clearer over time through research.

Selecting a Wedding Date

The next thing was to discuss a date! For us we were in no rush to get married, we had another friend getting married early in the year and we wanted to have warm weather. With all those considerations into account, we decided on November 2017! Turns out November is a really bad idea for honeymoons overseas if you’re wanting warm weather. But that story is for another time.

Source: Etsy

Ceremony and Reception

Ben and I decided we wanted a small wedding, at my family church followed by an intimate reception at one of our favourite restaurants. From there we got in contact with the restaurant to discuss how many people they could seat and pricing. We then checked out the restaurant to see where the reception would be and from there we knew it would be perfect! Deposit was taken, first tick!

In the meantime, we made an appointment with my local Priest to discuss having our wedding. We discussed why we wanted a religious wedding and why we wanted to get married in that church. From there the Priest provided us with some information such as the requirement to attend marriage classes and provide Baptism certificates….

Source: Matthew Ely

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