Makeup of the Day: 15 Minute Makeup

Hello beauties,

So I wasn’t planning on sharing this makeup look. I literally just whipped it up in 15 minutes, took a few photos and that was going to be the end of it. But after looking at the photos and receiving a lovely compliment from my Fiancé I thought I would share how I created this look. It literally took 15 minutes, maybe less. And don’t even ask how I did it while applying false lashes…


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops*

Because I wasn’t planning on going out after I didn’t apply a primer beforehand. I did mix a few drops of the illuminating oil with my foundation and use a Buffing Brush to apply.

LÓreal Visible Lift and Blur Foundation

This foundation is great at blurring and provides decent coverage. I haven’t talked about this foundation as its not available in Australia. But if you do see this foundation I highly recommend it for oily gals.

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Review: Eco Tools Perfecting Blending Duo

Hello beauties,

When Eco Tools launched their version of the Beauty Blender, Perfecting Blending Duo* I was so keen to try them! The reason why I was so excited to try them was because Eco Tools created EcoFoam Technology which means these sponges are made of 70% plant based materials. I hate the idea of throwing away a beauty sponge after 3 months, but now knowing these Eco Tools sponges are plant based and not harming the environment as much I don’t feel too bad throwing them away. Now the million dollar question, are these as good as the Beauty Blender?

Eco Tools

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How I Style Trainers

Hi fashionistas!

You would have noticed in my recent outfit of the day posts that I’m obsessed with jeans and more recently my converse. Well I’ve finally branched out from my converse and picked up a few new trainers. Here’s how I style my trainers so that I can wear them to work or on the weekend.

With Jeans

Obviously this had to be my first recommendation. When I wear my trainers with jeans its more on the casual side. But because the outfit is casual I need to make sure I’m still well presented by having my hair done and wear some makeup.

With the below I’m wearing, adidas Superstar Satin which has gorgeous blush stripes on the side. I tend to team my adidas with white or my blush jumper.


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