The Things No One Tells You About When You’re Pregnant

Hi beauties,

Since getting pregnant I’ve learnt so much about the human body. There is so much that pregnant women don’t tell you, or maybe its just because I was the first out of my friends to get pregnant. Anyway google was my best friend but can also be a dangerous place when you’re trying to figure out if your symptoms are normal.

Bodily Fluids

So many bodily fluids! I started getting nose bleeds which is apparently normal. My teeth and gums became more sensitive- make sure to see your dentist before and while pregnant. And of course extra fluid down there- liners will be your best friend.

You Really Can’t Eat Whatever You Want

No one talks aboutĀ gestational diabetes. Basically if you eat like crap, are overweight, or in my case genetically prone to diabetes you’re likely to get gestational diabetes. So don’t get carried away with the sweets, everything in moderation still applies.

Feeling Extremely Warm and Hot

I didn’t realise that feeling hot was actually a side effect of being pregnant. Even though I was only in my early days of pregnancy during summer I felt the heat a lot. I fainted a few times in the heat and had to carry a portable fan with me. Also make sure to always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Exhaustion Is a Side Effect

I was lucky enough to only be really tired around the 10 – 14 week mark. At the end of a day at work by the time I would get home I would just want to have a power nap and would be in bed by 8.30pm. It came back around 8 months but only for about a week. And around the 9 month mark I thought it would come back in full force but was lucky enough to have avoided it. Don’t get me wrong I was tired but by 9 months I was taking it easy and napping where possible.


Stretch Marks are Hard to Keep at Bay

I really do think stretch marks are dependent of your genetics. I’ve always had a few stretch marks on my thighs my whole life so I thought they would come hard and strong while pregnant. Surprisingly they didn’t- just got a few on my belly at 14 weeks due to using a crap body oil. I then went back to my favourite Jojoba Oil and only noticed stretch marks around the 34 week mark.

Do Your Pelvic Floor Exercises

Just do it.

Public or Private

Ask around, do your research. We originally were going to go private, but decided to go public and we couldn’t be happier. Public was literally the best experience, we felt so supported throughout our pregnancy and birth. With public you need to apply for your first visit by 6 weeks. We didn’t know this and applied at 14 weeks and got so much judgement and only met the midwife by week 20. It honestly wasn’t a big deal since my pregnancy was super easy but just letting you know since no one told me, not even my GP.

Hope you find this post useful and feel free to DM me if you have any other questions x

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are notĀ sponsored.

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