Newborn Products We Swear By

Hi Guys,

One of my lovely followers asked for a blog post with all the products we swear by for Harry. When we first got pregnant we too didn’t know what to buy. We were so lucky to have my sister Laura who recommended pretty much all these products. So hopefully this helps you x

Cocoon Nest 4 in 1 Cot

We loved the idea that this went from Bassinet to Cot to Toddler Bed. It was super easy to assemble which was also a bonus. Another reason we bought this cot was that it had wheels so it was easy to move to other rooms and it was a lower height making it easy for my mum to reach in the cot as well.

Mocka Brooklyn Change Table

This changing table matched out aesthetic but has been really practical as well. The main downside was that it was a bitch to put together- the instructions weren’t the best.

White Noise

We bought a white noise machine which really helped Harry go to sleep. But one night it just didn’t work so I YouTubed white noise sounds and started playing one and literally instantly he fell asleep. If you have a spare phone I recommend leaving it in your baby’s room so you can play white noise, or buy a white noise machine- whatever you prefer.

Kmart Change Mat Covers

For the Change Mat Covers we bought 3 from Kmart which ranged from $5- $6 and we honestly can not fault them.


Bugaboo Chameleon 3 Stroller 

We tried so many prams and were literally about to buy a different pram when I was like lets see whats all the fuss about the Bugaboo. Yes its pricey but its also on par with most prams. We decided on this stroller as it was the lightest we tried, easy to use and put down and fitted perfectly with the capsule.

Maxi Cosi Capsule

We borrowed this from our sister as a newborn typically can only use a capsule for 6 months. We love that is fits perfectly with the stroller. Its also pretty easy to use. My tip is when you get it installed make sure to record the demonstration. When we left the hospital we had no idea how to strap him in and we had to go back to the video which was so helpful.

Hug-a-Bug Carrier

Harry has a tendency during the day not to like to sleep in his cot. Personally I find it quite tiring to carry him for long periods so one of my lovely friends lent me her Hug-a-Bug Carrier so I could still hold Harry while being hands free. While it was daunting at first to use a wrap after a couple of uses it was quite easy to use and Harry was able to fall asleep on me.

Oricom Baby Monitor

The Baby Monitor is not actually an essential but will come in handy when travelling. I read a few reviews and Oricom are easy to use and have the best battery life. Overall Baby Monitors don’t have the best battery life so don’t buy one second hand.

Love to Dream Swaddle Bags

I am completely hopeless with swaddling so I was all for getting the swaddle bags. Apparently not all babies love having their arms up so maybe another swaddle bag brand would be appropriate but Harry loves these.

Huggies Baby Wipes

We tried a few brands of wipes but prefer the Huggies ones as they’re thicker and seem more gentle.


An essential for nappy rash and what is called a barrier cream. Harry was starting to get a bit of nappy rash by week 2 so we started using this regularly and now theres been no issues. Also as this is a barrier cream it means the poo doesn’t directly touch his bum which means he can sleep trough a dirty nappy for a bit longer.

Sheridan Bath Towels

We have a few different bath towels for Harry but must admit the Sheridan Bath Towels are the best. The quality is amazing, so nice and thick! 

Bonds Wondersuits

Harry lives in his Bonds onesies. Just make sure to get the zipper ones as they are super easy to use. We bought 7 newborn onesies as we knew he was going to be on the bigger side and were concerned he wouldn’t fit in them. 7 onesies were just enough, only 1 day did we run out of onesies (lots of wee and poo explosions) and we were able to put him in a larger size onesie. By week 4 the newborn size was only just fitting Harry so our advice is not to buy too many newborn size clothes.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored.


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