Back to Work Outfit Inspiration

Hi Guys,

With most of us heading back to work this week, I wanted to share a few go to outfits that I wear on high rotation. Hopefully it can inspire you to mix up your wardrobe x

Outfit 1: Midi Silk Skirt and T-Shirt 

This season its all about Midi Skirts! There’s so many options out there at various price points, but personally I found the Cotton On ones to fit the best for my body shape and not cost a blood fortune.



Outfit 2: Denim Skirt and Top

This H&M Denim Skirt was the best $50 I’ve ever spent! Featured heavily last year and making a massive come back. You might be able to still get it in store. Its great to team up with t-shirts, any shirt and also jumpers.



Outfit 3: Dress 

When in doubt I always wear a dress. I have so many in my wardrobe and I love just chucking on a dress when I don’t know what to wear. Also so easy to team up with flats, heels, a denim jacket or a blazer if you want to look more corporate.


Realisation Par Ozzie Dress 1

Outfit 4: Jeans

When the weather is cooler, I always default back to jeans. Nothing beats plain black jeans and a shirt, but if you’re allowed blue denim even better!


  • Top- Equipment
  • Jeans- Decjuba
  • Heels- Tony Bianco
Photography by Manori Mendis

Hope I was able to provide some fashion inspo! Make sure to check out my Instagram page for more regular fashion posts, @rachelbeautystyle

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