One Dress Styled Three Ways…

Hi Beauties,

I fell in love with this Dusk in the Amazon Dress from Princess Polly and wanted to share how I’ve styled it multiple ways.


Long story, but I saw the leopard print Réalisation Par skirt, but as it was sold out and I really shouldn’t buy any more clothes I thought why not restyle this dress into a skirt, and voila! One dress, three ways.

T-shirt Over or Under the Dress

You can either wear a t-shirt over or under the dress, but personally I wanted to show off my waiste which is why I wore this cropped Forever 21 top over the dress.


Style it with a Denim Jacket

Can’t go wrong with a Denim Jacket over a dress. Casual, but pulled together. My denim jacket is from Lee. 


With Boots

Normally I wouldn’t wear boots with a mid length dress, but noticed everyone was teaming up boots with mid length skirts and dress. So out of my comfort zone, but really happy with how the look turned out.

So there you have it, one $60 dress styled multiple ways. While I still want the Réalisation Par skirt, I’m so happy I was able to restyle this dress to achieve a very similar look while saving my dollars.

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