Things to Consider When Travelling to the Maldives

Hey lovelies,

I wasn’t planning on doing a post about the Maldives because I think your experience can really vary depending on the resort you’re on. Personally we had the most amazing time at Finolhu and would highly recommend it. Anyway, back to the reason for this post, I wanted to share a few tips to consider and plan for when travelling to the Maldives. Which I think everyone should go to the Maldives at some stage in their life x


Do Your Research


We went just at the beginning of their good season, so we had some days where it rained in the morning but cleared up beautifully for the rest of the day.


There’s so many different options so do your research. Also check out Luxury Escapes for some great deals. Personally we chose an Ocean and Pool Villa as while we wanted the option of swimming in the ocean or pool as both Ben and I are a bit scared of sea creatures so we wanted to have a pool just in case we didn’t swim in the ocean. I can proudly say we swam in both the ocean and pool, so highly recommend going with this option if you can afford it.


Where to Fly In

When flying into the Maldives from Australia, the best route is either a stop off in Singapore or Colombo, Sri Lanka. We spent 5 days in Singapore before heading to Male, Maldives and would highly recommend as it makes the travel a bit easier. We also regret not organising a stop off in Singapore on the way back. Just to be clear, when flying to the Maldives you go to the big island called Male.


Sea Plane/ Boat

From Male you get two options to go to your resort, Sea Plane or Boat. Boat takes longer but is cheaper. Sea Plane is faster but more expensive, however the view is amazing and it’s a great experience. The Sea Plane was $510 USD per person return- not cheap but probably the only time we will ever get to do it.


What to Pack?  

  • Take two hats- one to look glam in and one that can wet when you do water activities.
  • You’ll live in swimmers so take at least two pairs.
  • Thongs- ie. flip flops are an essential.
  • Take loose clothes, you’ll eat heaps.
  • Don’t bring anything glamazon, its very chilled out. Unless you go to some super fancy island. Leave the heels at home.
  • Take loads of sunscreen. We ran out of sunscreen on the last day but you may be able to get some in your resort.
  • Pack snacks, you can’t really buy that on the island unless you want to pay mini bar rates.


Buy your own Snorkelling Set

Not an essential, but I get grossed out thinking about someone else’s mouth on the mouth piece. Most resorts tend to provide this free of charge.


Island Time

There is such a thing called island time. Be prepared to chill out and go with the flow. We almost missed our return home flight because of bad weather and the chilled out nature of the island. Also with our resort, dinner would only be available from 7.30pm- which is quite late for us (yes we are nannas…)

Book 7 nights, not 5 nights

My biggest regret was booking 5 nights and not 7 nights. The reason I said 5 nights was because I thought I would get sick of villa life with Ben. How wrong was I? I loved it!

So there you have it! Please go to the Maldives and tag me in all your photos xx

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