Smart Casual Outfits for Work

Happy 2018 everyone!

Most of you, like myself will be returning to work this week. While I know we may be feeling a bit blue, the positive is we get to wear pretty makeup and stylish clothes. Can you tell I’m pulling at straws? haha!!

Today I wanted to share some of my work outfits to hopefully inspire you as you return to work. Obviously every workplace has a different dress code, but I’ve tried to cover quite a few options. At my workplace the dress code is Smart Casual, so here’s what I wear to work.

Outfit 1: Skirt and a Blazer 

Blazers dress up any outfit. Great to layer on top of a t-shirt or shirt.

  • Blazer- H&M
  • T-shirt- Museum Clothing
  • Skirt- H&M
  • Shoes- Spurr Shoes
  • Handbag- Celine


Outfit 2: Black Denim

While I can get away with Blue Denim at work, most workplaces don’t allow it. If you’re allowed to wear denim at work stick with black. It looks smarter and is more flattering 😉

  • Blazer- Forever New
  • Top- H&M
  • Necklace- Kookai
  • Jeans- Top Shop
  • Belt- Gucci
  • Handbag- Celine
  • Shoes- Spurr Shoes


Outfit: Denim Skirt and a Jumper 

With the weather being as sporadic as its been lately, its always good to keep some jumpers out just in case. Jumpers can easily look stylish when teamed up with a fitted denim skirt or jeans.

  • Necklace- Country Road
  • Jumper- Uniqlo (honestly, this is the comfiest jumper)
  • Belt- Gucci
  • Skirt- H&M
  • Shoes- Rubi Shoes


Outfit: Dress

The dress options are countless. When it comes to work, I tend to choose comfortable loose fitting dresses that aren’t too short. One of my new faves is featured below. Its so comfy, makes me look presentable and honestly I received so many compliments (I was shocked!).


Outfit 5: Bold Blazer 

I’ve recently rediscovered some of my old bright blazers and I have to say I love teaming them up with jeans. Alternatively you can’t go wrong with a plain black, navy or grey blazer.

  • Blazer- Zara
  • Top- H&M
  • Necklace- Kookai
  • Jeans- Top Shop
  • Belt- Gucci
  • Handbag- Celine
  • Shoes- Witchery


Also my last tip for you all is to keep a pair of heels at work. Heels instantly dress up any outfit.

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19 thoughts on “Smart Casual Outfits for Work

  1. Love your outfits, you look so amazing and carry them all very well. Blazers are a must for me, they make me feel more confident. The yellow blazer looks so gorgeous on you.


  2. You look amazing in each look Rachel!! I love the bold blazer and the all black look! We have a corporate uniform at work, which is helpful (don’t have to worry about what to wear to work each day) but I would love to rock some of those outfits for work!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle


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