Back to Work Meal Prep Tips

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to 2018! I’m sure loads of you have made your 2018 resolutions, to get fitter, eat healthier, save money and drink less alcohol. Well I’m here to help! Last year in the lead up to my wedding I went meal prep crazy! But I’m not gonna lie, I kinda loved it! Here’s my tips.

Shopping List

First off you need to have a think about what you’re going to eat throughout the week and make a list of what you need to buy. There tends to be some regulars on my shopping list; eggs, chicken breast, sweet potato, leafy greens, tomato, avocados and fruit. But you do you.

Sunday Meal Prep Afternoon

Saturday or Sunday morning are my shopping days and Sunday afternoon is my big cooking day. If I don’t do it on Sunday I’m just too tired and lazy to do it throughout the week. On Sunday I tend to do a big cook up of the following:

  • Cajun Chicken Breast- If you can handle a bit of spice you need to try the Masterfoods Cajun Spice. I use it pretty much every week on my chicken. I tend to cook two chicken breasts and that provides me with 5 servings.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkin- I roast a bunch load of veggies for my salads and some dinners throughout the week. Roasting takes too long to do on a week night.
  • Chickpeas- I don’t do this week but if I want a change I roast or pan fry some chickpeas. Alternatively if I remember, I ask mum to make hummus and it tastes delicious!


After I cook everything up, I get my Tupperware ready and start piling in the leafy greens, onion, tomato and all the added extras. Some tips to ensure my salads don’t go off:

  • Don’t apply salad dressing. Keep the salad dry and only apply dressing just before you’re going to eat it.
  • With the tomato don’t cut it into pieces as all the juices will make the salad soggy.
  • To keep avocado fresh, dampen a paper towel with cool water and cover the exposed green part. Then cover it with cling wrap and it should stay fresh with minimal brown for a couple of days.


For brekkie, I’ve been enjoying my Beauty Chef Protein Shake. I tend to prepare it the night before and blend it up on the morning I’m going to drink it. Also if I decide to have boiled eggs, I tend to put them on the stove just as I’m heading into shower and when I get out of the shower they’re ready.


Dinner Left Overs

If you don’t like salad, or can’t be bothered with the Sunday meal prep I highly recommend just cooking extra at dinner so you have plenty of left overs for lunch. One of the best dinner left overs is Mexican! Mexican mince is so versatile, you can add it to a salad or pasta for something different.

So there you have my meal prep tips. I hope you found it handy and hopefully over the coming months I can share some of my favourite recipes with you x

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20 thoughts on “Back to Work Meal Prep Tips

  1. Love this! I’m trying to get better at meal prep this year! I usually cook extra when we make dinner but we often get to Friday and don’t have enough. I love the sound of making up a salad to go for the whole week though! I need to try that Cajun chicken!

    Laura ||


  2. I’ve tried the whole meal prep thing but I’m not only someone who really loves food, but variety in my food too so meal prep doesn’t really work out for me. I can’t eat the same protein two meals in a row, I’m so fussy like that haha. So when I was doing meal prep I found I was making 5 or 6 different meals with different meats and sides and by the end of it it was too much of a burden for me. Instead, I’ve been an avid meal planner for a few years now, where I will plan a week’s worth of meals in advance that have a whole lot of variety. It also means I can plan to make a little extra so that I can take leftovers for lunch. I find that works much better for me. I wish I was a good meal prepper though! LOL


    1. Omg, what a nightmare having to cook so many different meals. Thank goodness you found a solution! Meal planning does help as well. But you are right, with meal prep it can get a boring really quick x


  3. I am pretty fortunate because I work afternoon/nights and my boyfriend usually has dinner waiting so I don’t have to meal prep. I think I’m going to do your trick with shopping and prep Sundays though so I make sure I eat health breakfasts and lunches, even though I am usually home and have no excuse haha.


  4. Oh I can never commit to meal prepping.. I never have enough containers.. or I would rather do something else! But I am currently doing a 10 week challenge, and I think I am going to have to step it up a bit and start meal prepping my lunches! I have the luxury of being able to go home for lunch, but it still having to whip something up when you get home, cuts into the hour pretty quickly!! This weekend’s goal is to meal prep some lunches!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle


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