Our Wedding Day

Hello All,

Thanks for all your support. I’m genuinely so surprised to see so many of you interested in my wedding, so to finish off the series here’s a recap of the wedding with lots of photos as promised.

Click here to check out my wedding makeup and more about my wedding dress.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations were so overwhelming. There’s so many options out there, and if I’m completely honest the prices are ridiculous. And then I stumbled across Teigan at some markets and just like that the invitations became easy! Teigan did an amazing job and the invitations were exactly what we wanted and were so affordable. She also helped me with Ben’s present, so let me know if you want to see that. Click the link to check out Teigan’s store, Hanging Willow.

Wedding Invitations

Getting Ready

In the morning it wasn’t stressful, I was dressed before my parents. The only thing that was annoying was my parents weren’t dressed in time for the photographer so we didn’t get any nice family photos beforehand.

Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather


All our flowers except what was in the church was done by Girl Meraki. They’re a shire based florist but are willing to travel. Can I just say they did an amazing job! They dropped off everything on time, in the right location and were just overall so amazing! So please check them out and support them as they’re a new business.

Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather

Wedding Photographer

Samantha was our wedding photographer and I think her photos speak for themselves. She was amazing on the day and we absolutely love her work. If you need a wedding photographer you have to check her out. Also we got all our wedding photos in 3 weeks- how ridiculously quick is that?

Photo: Samantha Heather

The Wedding Ceremony

We were married in my family church where my parents renewed their wedding vows. We did the full mass and I have no regrets. Our family priest is quite progressive and made the ceremony engaging so all our guests enjoyed it.

When the ceremony ended we walked/ danced out to Everlasting Love. If you haven’t heard it, please do, its amazing! Its from The Parent Trap and random fact but on the night we got engaged, I couldn’t sleep so I watched that movie and fell in love with the song.

Photo: Samantha Heather

Wedding Photos

After the ceremony Ben and I were whisked away for our photos. We decided on Elizabeth Bay as we had an earlier date there. Also the houses are stunning and there is an old building that is sentimental for Ben’s family so we stopped by there for a photo as well. Its the third photo below if you’re interested x

Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather

After we did our couple photos we went to Chiswick for our ‘reception’ which was really just a chilled out boozy lunch. Before lunch started we did cocktails on the lawn and had photos with each of our 38 guests.

Chiswick, Woollahra

Ben and I chose Chiswick early on in our relationship as our wedding venue and then confirmed quite quickly once we were engaged. We had been to Chiswick for some dates and loved the look and feel of the venue. Also the food is amaze balls!

Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather

From my earlier wedding posts you might recall me venting about our wedding venue, so here it is. When we first booked it we had an amazing Event Manager. Fast forward about 7 months and Chiswick then merged with Solotel and the Event Management team were shit (not to sugar coat it or anything). With the wedding fast approach we reached out to them to finalise a few things- not the other way around, disappointing right? There were also a few balls dropped, such a submitting the council permit for drinks on the lawn, not telling us that we couldn’t have music on the lawn and no courtesy call a couple of days before the wedding. So there’s my vent over….

Back to Chiswick, the staff were amazing on the day! We were so well looked after and the food was delicious. Can’t complain about anything at all. It was honestly the most perfect and beautiful day.

Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather
Photo: Samantha Heather


I know people say its nice to have a bonbonniere that you can have forever, but honestly who keeps them? So we decided on our favourite cookie from Sweet Mickie. As a blogger I’ve been gifted a lot of Sweet Mickie cookies through various brands and OMG they are the best cookies you’ll ever eat.

Photo: Samantha Heather

Wedding Cake

We decided not to do the traditional cake or even share the cake with our guests. The reason we didn’t share was because we knew everyone would be full after a 5 course meal including dessert. For our wedding cake we chose our favourite, Black Star Pastry Watermelon Cake. We did the ceremonial cutting of the cake then ate it at the Shangri La later than night.

Photo: Samantha Heather

“After Party”

Because we had a day wedding and finished lunch at about 5pm we wanted the party to continue. So some of our guests and us went to the local pub for a few drinks and shots before we headed to our hotel.


We had a couple of days with our family before heading overseas on the Monday.


So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the last of my wedding series. Comment below if you have any other questions x

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8 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day

  1. I Loved all your updates! And it all looked perfect! If I could have it my way 38 guest would be so perfect. You look amazing. xx I might have to book you in to do my wedding make up when I can be fucked planning it x


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