Wedding Update: October 2017

Greetings to my lovely followers,

Thank you again for all your support. I get blown away by how many of you read these posts and check out my #bridediaries. The end of September and October has been a last minute scramble to tie up loose ends for the wedding. But its all coming together. By the time this posts goes live, we’ll be only a couple of weeks away from the big day, eek!

Bible Readings

Selecting the readings for our wedding has become surprisingly overwhelming. The priest gave us plenty of notice and said make sure you select your readings well and truly in advance. Well some how we’ve kinda left it to the last minute. We’ve finally selected our readings (one featured below) but I’m still trying to figure out the printing. Any tips on how to print it in a A5 booklet? I don’t want to pay for it as no one ever keeps them.

Love is Patient
Source: Pinterest

Run Sheet

Before Ben and I even booked anything we did a quick timeline of when our reception would be and worked back from there. We wanted to make sure we had enough time but also that people weren’t waiting around for hours while we got photos done. Is there anything worse? Having a simple run sheet of the day is a great way to make sure you have enough time and also know what to expect on the day. Let me know if you want to see our run sheet.

Wedding Photos Location

Again because we are super organised Ben and I had a serious think about where we wanted our photos done. First off we decided not to do a group photo at the Church which is tradition. Our Church is ugly so we thought we would save this for the venue. Next stop, the location for our couple photos. We didn’t want anything that had been overdone, ie. Centennial Park, Sydney Harbour or the beach. None of those locations are important or special for us. We decided on this little hideaway park that we had one of our earlier dates at. It’s also beautiful with some water views and is really special to both of our families. Here’s a sneak peak below…

After we spend some time doing couple photos we’ll be back at our reception venue to do group photos. We’re only having a small wedding and its so important to me to have photos with all our guests. The venue has a beautiful outdoor space which is made for loads of Insta worthy photos.

Wedding Venue

So where we’re having our lunch has just become a little bit stressful. Most of it had been organised at the end of last year. Its since been quiet so we reached out to follow up a few things. In the meantime our point of contact has left and we were pretty much left in the dark. No one from their end really knew what was going on. I’m making it sound bad but honestly it’s not that bad just pretty disorganised from their end. Also there was a few things they didn’t tell us about at the beginning which I felt they should have. For example, we’re doing drinks on the lawn before lunch and we’ve just been told we can’t play music only acoustic music is allowed because its a residential area. Well this put a spanner in the works as it means no first dance for us.

My tip is to stay in contact a couple of months before the big day. I’m sure everything will come together perfectly but honestly they’ve just created unnecessary stress. You’ll know soon enough where we’re having the wedding…

So this will be my last wedding update post! In a couple of weeks I’ll do a wedding recap post to share all the highlights with you x

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Update: October 2017

  1. That is sooo disappointing of them but it all work out! As for the flyers I can’t help but know the church should really do them.

    Your gonna make a beautiful bride. How exciting x


  2. I am so excited for you! I can relate to waiting for photos, we’ve been to four weddings this year and all of them have taken hours with photography! However, the most recent had a fantastic runsheet and you weren’t left bored in between. One at the beginning of the month, my partner was in and they were the worst planners I’d ever met 😂. They hadn’t planned where they wanted photos or anything, they had their ceremony a 60 minutes drive out of town away from the reception with limited parking so people who didn’t know each other had to carpool, left themselves 1.5 hours to get photos and get to the reception and because they didn’t plan properly, they were almost two hours late to their own reception and everyone was getting wasted with no food! Quite funny now, but you’d be a bit annoyed!

    Maddie |


    1. OMG! I can’t believe how many weddings you’ve been too! But everything you’ve said is my worst nightmare. We’ve tried to be organised and considerate as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for hours while the wedding party do photos x


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