How I Style Trainers

Hi fashionistas!

You would have noticed in my recent outfit of the day posts that I’m obsessed with jeans and more recently my converse. Well I’ve finally branched out from my converse and picked up a few new trainers. Here’s how I style my trainers so that I can wear them to work or on the weekend.

With Jeans

Obviously this had to be my first recommendation. When I wear my trainers with jeans its more on the casual side. But because the outfit is casual I need to make sure I’m still well presented by having my hair done and wear some makeup.

With the below I’m wearing, adidas Superstar Satin which has gorgeous blush stripes on the side. I tend to team my adidas with white or my blush jumper.


With the below, I’ve teamed up my jeans with my old converse. And to be honest, I’m a bit of a geek and like to team up white and red with my converse #geek

Fashion Red Stripes

Mum Style 

You know how mums have a very distinct style, ie. stripes and converse? Well I love it! Some days I just want to look like a mum- without the lack of sleep and spit up on me, oh and also without the kid. I love how mum style has evolved and its simple, comfortable yet still put together. On days like this, I bring out my Camilla and Marc stripe dresses, or anything with stripes and team them up with my white Converse.


With a Dress

I love wearing trainers with dresses and seem to do this more in summer. The dress automatically makes the outfit more “dressy” even if its a casual dress. By teaming the dress with trainers it makes the look more relaxed but presentable and most importantly I feel more comfortable.

In summer, I always wear my white Zimmermann dress and more recently tend to team it up with my old converse.

And if I’m completely honest, the main reason for this whole blog post was to show off my new trainers from Betts! How gorgeous are they? They’re a fake version of the Gucci trainers, but personally I like this design better! The rose is so cute and I don’t have to worry about getting them dirty!


I hope you liked this blog post. Its really out of my comfort zone. If you have any feedback please comment below. Thank you for your continued support xx

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15 thoughts on “How I Style Trainers

  1. THANK YOU, this was really helpful for me. I’ve been stuck in sneakers for over a year and I still have another 18 months or so in them. I feel so frumpy in them I just don’t even try to be stylish.


  2. I love this post, I am going to bookmark this one. I do have a few pair of trainers and when it comes to wearing them, I am short of ideas. Love your style!


  3. Yes, I love my converse! I have the “skinny” white versions because the regular looked like they were moon boots on me because I’m 5’2 😂

    I love all of these looks ❤️ I think we have similar body shades (bloody hips haha) so I love seeing what you’re wearing!

    Maddie |


  4. Haha I’m an honourary Mum too then 😛 always sporting stripes, trainers and eye bags haha. loved this post Rachel, you look amazing!

    Kate |


  5. I love your style. I still have a few of my converse sneakers from before I became I mum. I am starting to get back into wearing my converse sneakers again. I sure missed them! I loved styling them with jeans and tee – shirts. I also love how you paired the sneakers with the dress too! Such a beautiful combo.

    Lubz ||


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