Micellar Waters in Review

Hello beauties,

Disclaimer, I don’t like Micellar Waters. Yes they’re effective, but I find it takes too many cotton rounds to remove all my makeup. But for you I’ve tried them all and here’s the run down of the ones I like and don’t like. I’ve sorted them by most affordable to most expensive.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water* $13.99 for 400ml 

The first affordable micellar water to compete with the OG, Bioderma. Yes its effective, and yes its cheap. Click here for a full review of all the Micellar Waters in the Garnier range.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water* $9.99 for 200ml 

I was very impressed with this drugstore micellar water. I felt I used less cotton rounds however I still used quite a few to remove all my makeup. The Simple micellar water was very effective at removing heavy base makeup and just mascara. I haven’t used it to remove heavy eye makeup, but it did remove all traces of just mascara #impressed

A’kin Cleansing Micellar Water* $14.99 for 150ml 

Now this micellar water is completely different to the others. First off its not completely clear, the liquid has a yellowy tinge which I think is the green tea. Next difference was the noticeable scent. Now its not obnoxious, but there is a noticeable cucumber scent which I like. In terms of effectiveness, I felt it wasn’t the best at removing all traces of makeup. However it was pretty good at removing eye makeup.

Avene Cleanance Micellar Water* $34.99 for 400ml 

This micellar water is targeted at oily combination skin, making it ideal for me. This was one of my favourite micellar waters, hence why its empty. Very effective- however not the best with eye makeup. Would definitely consider repurchasing.

La Roche Posay Ultra Micellar Water Reactive Skin* $25.99 for 200ml 

This micellar water is targeted at sensitive skin and similar to the Avene one I didn’t have high hopes. However, I was wrong, its an awesome micellar water! It removes heavy makeup and eye makeup really well.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution* $31.99 for 250ml 

The OG when it comes to micellar waters. Yes its effective, but yes its bloody expensive. Personally I think its too expensive but its bloody good. The original micellar water in the pink bottle is suitable for all skin types.

Bioderma H2O Cleanser & Make Up Remover* $31.99 for 250ml 

This Bioderma micellar water is blue and is targeted at oily combination skin. I was a little hesitant and thought this could be too drying on my skin but I was so wrong. It didn’t dry my skin out at all and I found it to be just as effective as the original. Also the pump bottle is amazing! Makes it so much easier to use. If you miss out on getting the original Bioderma on sale but see this, pick it up. Its just as effective.

Hope you found this post useful. From testing all these micellar waters, I realised they aren’t that bad and most are quite effective. Comment below with the name of your favourite micellar water x

*This product has been provided for reviewing purposes, all views and opinions are 100% honest.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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15 thoughts on “Micellar Waters in Review

  1. Micellar water is the best invention ever!
    I use the Bioderma Sensibio everything to cleanse and also as a first cleanser on days I’m wearing makeup. My other favourite is the Avéne Micellar Lotion, but I got it in my eye once and it stung so bad.
    Very intrigued by La Roche Posay Micellar Water and I’d love to try it out sometime.
    Great post btw 👌🏻



  2. So many fab Micellar Waters here! I love the Simple range, it is so affordable yet effective! And I definitely couldn’t live without the Bioderma 🙂 x


  3. I do not use micellar water but after reading your post, I want to try and use them. So many great options.


  4. I love the Simple one! Agree that you use less cotton rounds with that one (I use 2 max)…not fussed on the Garnier one personally. It’s okay but I don’t think worth the hype.

    I recently discovered Bioderma like last month and it’s probably right at the top for me. If anything though, I don’t rely on these to remove makeup or if I ever did, I would still go in with a second cleanse. I like these as a morning cleanse/refresher.


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