27 Facts About Me

Hello lovelies,

In preparation for my 27th birthday tomorrow, or today, or a couple of days ago depending on when you are reading this… I wanted to share some facts about me that you might not know.

1.My name is Rachel and I’m an only child.

2.Everyone asks what my nationality is and I hate being asked. I say I’m Australian because I’m born and breed here.

3.But for all the annoying people that want to know “what my nationality is?”, my mum is Chinese and my dad is Anglo-Indian.

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4.And before you ask, I can only speak English. I can understand a bit of Hindi but can’t speak it.

5.I have two dogs, Benji (my white fluff ball with attitude) and Rusty (my brownie that is very handsome). Benji was given to me as a present and I found Rusty  across the road. I like to think I rescued Rusty but maybe I accidently stole him…


6.I work in HR and absolutely love it!

7.Blogging is my hobby and I never want it to be my full time job.

8.I met my now Fiancé on Tinder #tinderfairytale


9.It took my Fiancé 5 dates till he kissed me, we said I love you after 3 months, moved in after being together for under a year, bought an apartment 3 months later and have been together for 2 and half years in total.

10.My go to cocktail is a Mojito!

11.I love food way too much! I’m always caught out thinking about my next meal while eating…

12.My guilty pleasure is hot chips, packet chips, pretty much anything that is potato.

13.My favourite date night place is Burger Project.

14.I go to the gym pretty much every week day morning, but I don’t like the gym.


15.When I purchased my Celine bag it was a well-deserved splurge. I worked hard and felt I deserved it. It was so rewarding to be able to purchase it myself with no help from my credit card.


16.My star sign is Cancer but I’m on the cusp with Gemini and have some Gemini traits as well.

17.I get Hangry. Legit. Bae knows to get food to me quickly or I become a moody bitch.

18.I don’t really have a favourite food. I love Japanese but then again I’m quite happy with a burger and chips as well.

19.I get really bad FOMO sometimes. I hate not being invited to things, even if I can’t go. It’s nice to still be invited.

20.My favourite holidays that come to mind is going is New York and Ho Chi Minh City. Yes, I know they are completely different but obsessed with both.


21.I’m quite superstitious. But I think it comes back to my cultural background…

22.Really random, but I can’t ride a bike. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the Maldives when you have to ride around everywhere…

23.I’m a tight arse.

24.I haven’t drunk Coca Cola in years.

25.My favourite Messina flavour is Coconut and Mango.

26.I don’t really like cooking, even though I did really well in year 12 hospitality.

27.My all time favourite song is Crazy in Love!

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19 thoughts on “27 Facts About Me

  1. Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have had an amazing day! Secondly, mojitos, yes please! Loved learning more about you Rachel, we even have a few things in common (hospitality in HS – I cannot cook if my life depended on it haha! And no Coke for me either, makes my mouth feel gross!) x


  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Love these facts! Your dogs are adoraaaaablleeeee! I love Rusty’s ears hehe. And aww you and your fiance are too cute, a tinder fairytale indeed!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


  3. It was great learning a bit more about you, happy birthday for tomorrow! Good to know I’m not the only hangry bitch around hahaha.

    Kate | themintedblog.com


      1. – People always ask what my ‘nationality’ is and I say I’m Australian because I’m born and bred here too.
        – And they always ask me again *eye roll* but I’m Chinese
        – I want to work in something business related (Marketing)
        – I enjoy blogging as a hobby too, and wouldn’t ever want it to be a full time job
        – I met my last boyfriend on Tinder haha (congratulations on your engagement too!)
        – Mojitos are sooo good
        – I love food too, but then again who doesn’t!
        – I live for potatoes: mashed, steamed, fries, packet, etc
        – If I were asked what my favourite food was, I’d say Japanese, but then again I love a good burger and fries
        – I’d love to visit Vietnam one day, for their food and for the culture
        – I get superstitious too on some things…probably related to my culture too
        – I can’t ride a bike either! I was never taught
        – I’m a tight arse too but not to an extreme extent. I’d say I’m pretty money savvy haha

        And happy birthday!!


  4. I totally felt the same way when I bought my LV bag. It was so empowering, especially when most of the other women in the store were having theirs paid for by their husbands!

    I also live for mojitos and never met a potato I didn’t like, we would have a great meal together!

    Have a great birthday.


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