Tips for Blogging: Second Edition

Hi lovelies,

A couple of months ago I brought to you some of my tips to blogging. Click here to check out those tips. Today I have a few more tips I want to share with you xx

Comment Pods

Comments pods are a new initiative by bloggers to increase engagement on Instagram and on blogs. I’m part of a few and I think it’s a great way to network, show support to your fellow bloggers, stay up to date in the blogging world and it also looks great for your engagement rates. On Facebook, there’s a group called Blog Squad which is a comment pod for blogs and if you are part of Bloggers United, you can ask the group if there’s any free spots to join an Instagram comment pod.


Shadow Banning- What is it?

The whole shadow banning on Instagram is a bit confusing. From my understanding if you use common hashtags such as #motd, people that do not follow you cannot find you on the discover tab. There’s no real solution to overcome this. But for me, I’ve tried to mix up my hashtags more and use less hashtags to increase my visibility on Instagram. Worst case scenario you can pay for a sponsored ad for your Instagram account. There’s also a website that you can use to check if you’re shadow banned. Click here if you want to check it out.

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Gotta love it when your wings just work 👌🏽

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Blog About What You’re Passionate About

When I started blogging, I knew I wouldn’t always just do beauty. I’ve always loved fashion and food and wanted to integrate it into my blog at some stage. After a year of being purely a beauty blogger I’ve expanded into more lifestyle areas and I’m so much happier. I’ve enjoyed working on a diverse range of content and it’s been well received by my followers. If you are wanting to make the switch and expand you’re blog, my tip is to take it slowly. I’m still struggling to make connections in the fashion and lifestyle space but I know I’ll get there soon.


My tips are not revolutionary, just mere learnings over the past couple of months. I think one of the biggest tips is to continue to make sure your content is original, creative and visually appealing. I continue to struggle to consistently get beautiful, clear photos but I’m getting there. Are there any tips you would like to share?

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