What I’ve Been Reading: March 2017

Hello lovelies,

Are you like me and struggle to find a good book to read? Personally I love a good book recommendation and I’m always willing to try out a new book. For all those fellow book worms, here are some of the books I’ve read and loved. Hope you enjoy my recommendations x

The Rosie Project- Graeme Simpson 

The Rosie Project is the book I recommend to anyone that asks for a book recommendation. I saw Zoe Foster raving about this and was like, fine I’ll give it a go. Thank you Zoe, this book was amazing and you all need to read it! Its a non traditional romantic comedy that’s a bit quirky. It’s also about to be made into a movie, so read it now before the movie comes out. There’s also a second book, but its not good so just stop after reading this one.

Source: Text Publishing

The Hate Race- Maxine Beneba Clarke

My brother in law lent this to me and I couldn’t put it down. This is a memoir of Maxine’s life as a child growing up in a migrant family in the 70s or 80s. I think it touched a nerve with me because I grew up in a migrant family as well. Maxine talks about the struggles but in an honest and raw manner. While she touches on some heavy issues, its still an easy and enjoyable read.


The Wrong Girl- Zoe Foster

Can you tell I’m a Zoe fan? I love Zoe’s style of writing, its funny and easy to read and The Wrong Girl has a great story line. The Wrong Girl is also a romantic story but not sappy. This book was such a hit that it was recently made into a TV show. I haven’t had a chance to see it, but I’m really keen to check it out.

Please let me know if you read any of the books I’ve recommended and let me know if you like or dislike them. In the meantime is there any books you can recommend for me?

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19 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: March 2017

  1. I read the Rosie Project a few years ago and loved it! I can’t remember if I purchased the 2nd addition or not on my kindle, but may I ask why the second one isn’t good?

    Hmm, I’ll check out The Wrong Girl. If I’m honest, I haven’t read a romance book in years (except for The Rosie Project) because I struggle to find one that’s not cliche.


  2. I loved The Wrong Girl book but didn’t love the TV show – I don’t think I even finished watching it each week. I can’t remember what happened in the end of the series if I did! I don’t think the actors were strong enough to carry the whole show.

    I love everything by Zoe!! I will add The Rosie Project to my library list 🙂

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com


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