My Goals for 2017

Hey guys,

January is the time for everyone to make their New Year’s resolutions and then Feb is all about forgetting about them, haha!!! Well to be a bit different, I’ve decided to share my goals with all of you. My goals are relating to my blog but also to my personal life.

Increase Fashion Content

I want to focus on developing more fashion content mainly for my Instagram and hopefully expand it into my blog. What’s your thoughts? Yay or Nay?

Less Skincare Content

With my wedding fast approaching, I’ve decided not to try lots of different skincare products. My aim is to stick to one brand, which I’ll be sharing with you next month. I will do the occasional skincare review, but you’ll notice less skincare content on the blog and my Instagram.

Improve the Quality of my Photos

This is an ongoing struggle for me. I really struggle to take beautiful, clear yet creative photos. This year, I’m going to up my game! Any tips or tricks?


Get Fit!

I’m always working on my fitness. Sometimes I’m eating healthy then other times I’m on a binge. This year I’m aiming to be more consistent and work on toning my body. Who’s with me?


Spend Less

I really should save more. I’m going to aim not to buy as much makeup, but will probably increase my clothing allowance for all my fashion content I’m going to develop. A bit of a catch 22….

Let me know your thoughts on my goals! Are you ok if I increase fashion content? Or do you want more beauty content?

New posts every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday!

13 thoughts on “My Goals for 2017

      1. Ps. I noticed you followed my blog on wordpress thank you so much! In case you didn’t know I do have bloglovin, it’s that little random icon in the top right corner of my blog that doesn’t look like anything since blogloving isn’t supported on wordpress.


  1. I like your goals this year! I’m with you on the Get fit goal, but I will have to start after my overseas trip which is soon. Also, I think you should do fashion if that is what you enjoy! I wouldn’t mind seeing that on your blog! x

    Caryl | thecaryledit.


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