How to Achieve Glowy Brighter Skin

Hello Beauties,

With winter upon us in Australia, you’ll notice your skin becoming a lot duller and drier, well at least I’ve noticed that with my skin. Here’s a few products I’ve used to achieve glowy, brighter skin!


Skincare Products to Achieve Brighter, Glowier Skin:

Elucent Whitening Cleanser*

This is one of my favourite whitening/ brightening cleansers. It has small granules that gently exfoliate the skin and its super gentle that you can use this both morning and night. Click here for a full review of the Elucent Whitening range.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is my holy grail skincare product! Its literally good skin in a bottle! Liquid Gold is a chemical exfoliant that you use at night and wake up with noticeably clearer and glowier skin. Click here for a full review.

Antipodes Skin Brightening Serum* and Go To Skincare Face Hero

These two products are new to me and personally I didn’t expect much, but OMG the results were noticeable in a short period of time. I’ve been using the serum every morning and night and the face oil every night for about 2 months and my skin is noticeably clearer, brighter and more hydrated. Click here for a review of the Antipodes Skin Brightening Serum and here for Go To Skincare Face Hero.

Makeup Products to Look Glowier and Healthier:

Becca Back Light Priming Filter*

This primer is a great highlighting primer that is suitable for all skin types. I have oily/ combination skin and this still works beautifully on me without my makeup sliding off my face. Click here for a detailed review.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

This is an old favourite by many beauty bloggers. NARS Sheer Glow provides a beautiful glowy, satin finish and medium coverage. Suitable for all skin types except really oily skin. Click here for a review.

The Balm- Betty Lou Manizer

I’ve just hit pan on this since I use this practically every day! This is a bronzey highlight, so I apply a little as a bronzer on my cheekbones and temples on my forehead.

The Balm- Mary Lou Manizer

This is a classic goldy highlight! This works beautifully with all blushes and bronzers, but exceptionally well with Betty Lou. The two together create a gorgeous highlighted finish.


*This product has been provided for reviewing purposes, all views and opinions are 100% honest.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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One thought on “How to Achieve Glowy Brighter Skin

  1. Thank you for featuring Antipodes in your review Rachel. Your skin looks beautiful. #lovethearoha


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