Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

Hello beauties,

Ever get that dreaded look, when your makeup disappears on the bridge of your nose because you’ve been wearing glasses or sunglasses? Well now I’ve got some tips to avoid that and a few other tips to make your eyes pop while wearing glasses.


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation- Matte + Poreless

While researching for this blog post I saw a thread where numerous glasses wearers said this was their go to foundation when wearing glasses. I put it to the test and it worked a treat, there was minimal makeup movement on the bridge of my nose (click here for a full review of the foundation). Another favourite foundation to wear while wearing my glasses is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Foundation (click here for a full review).

Coty Air Spun Loose Face Powder- Translucent

When wearing glasses regardless if you have oily or dry skin, its essential to at least set the nose area, and maybe cheek area if you have big lenses like me. The Coty Air Spun powder is great because its translucent and doesn’t change the look of your foundation.

Benefit Brow Kit- Medium

I think when wearing glasses it’s important to have bold brows but at the same time if your glasses cover your brows you could probably pass this step.

Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eye Liner*

For eye makeup the key is to have a little colour or liner showing through when your eyes are open. If you’re going to wear a shadow make sure to take it above your crease so the colour peaks through. For this occasion I felt like a bold wing! To achieve this look I used my sticky tape method, click here for my how to. Alternatively if I’m going for a straighter or smaller wing I use the Loreal Super Liner Superstar*.

Essence Lash Mania Mascara

Mascara is a must! This is my new favourite mascara, I feel it adds loads of length and volume. And its only $5!


When it comes to lips I think they’re the real star of the show, especially when wearing glasses. I think its important to go bold, even with my nude I went darker than usual.

Wearing MAC Flat Out Fabulous
Wearing Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Divine Wine*
Wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 48*

*This product has been provided for reviewing purposes, all views and opinions are 100% honest.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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22 thoughts on “Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

  1. OMG that line at the bridge of the nose! I had been known to not wear my glasses to avoid it if I have something on after work which is so vain but I hate it. Now I’ve got some touch-up powder and a little concealer at work to fix it up. Love Flat Out Fabulous too, I’ve got that and it’s such a great colour!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips, I use glasses and I totally agree with bright lips tip, while the line at the bridge of the nose is really problematic.


  3. Thanks for those tips Rachel! I was lucky enough to get laser surgery about 12 years ago and haven’t needed glasses since (i was wearing them from 8-40 years of age! I had forgotten what it was like to NOT have that weight on my nose!)
    I think i may need reading glasses before too long though, so these tips come in handy. As well as my big magnifying mirror!! x


  4. Awesome info Rachel – I have this problem ALL THE TIME lol! I wear sunglasses over the top of my glasses (they’re specially made for this) and I find that having two lots of frames on my face is double the trouble ♥ Loving that MAC lippie on you xxx


    1. That would be such a nightmare! One pair of glasses is hard enough! I just learnt a new trick for the bridge of the nose, apply eyeshadow primer to that area first before applying foundation x


    1. Glad I could share some pointers! I’m sure you would have a few tips and tricks yourself. I just learnt a new trick for the bridge of the nose, apply eyeshadow primer to that area first before applying foundation x


  5. great tips Rachel! I really enjoyed this post. It’s a real struggle wearing glasses and makeup. It always comes off around my nose. I really like the sound of The Coty Air Spun powder x


  6. Great tips Rach! I don’t wear glasses, but do know the struggle of wearing sunglasses and having those dreaded marks on the nose. I have the Tarte foundation, so I’ll have to wear it more


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