Review: Elucent Whitening Skincare Range

Hello beauties,

I was lucky enough to try out the Elucent Whitening skincare range, but I’m not gonna lie, I was concerned when I heard “whitening”. The best way to describe the whitening range is, the range aims to even out your complexion by lightening pigmentation.

Here’s what Elucent say about the range,“Elucent Whitening is infused with a combination of ingredients that work together to help maximize the brightness of the skin. The powerful antioxidants help reduce uneven skin tone leaving the skin looking younger, brighter and feeling silky smooth.”

Below is my detailed review over a 6 week period, I’ll continue to update you on my progress with the range.


Elucent Whitening Exfoliating Cleanser $25.39*

The cleanser is quite liquidy, so don’t squeeze the tube as too much comes out. It also has a slight shimmer to it which is weird for a cleanser, but doesn’t affect the quality. The cleanser has really fine exfoliating beads which are really gentle, allowing you to use it day and night. The cleanser foams up well when you use your fingers but not as well when using a cleansing device such as the Foreo. Personally I don’t like the packaging, too much comes out, I think it in needs to come in a pump bottle. Other than that I really love this cleanser, my skin feels clean without being stripped off it’s natural oils. Repurchase: Definitely YES

Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser $42.39*

I was surprised to see that it was quite a thick formula which reminds me of sunscreen and even has a slight sunscreen scent. A little goes a long way, I apply about a pea size to my whole face. My skin feels hydrated, doesn’t get super greasy throughout the day and works well under makeup. Repurchase: YES

Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser $42.39*

The formula is not too thick and not too thin, it blends well into the skin but personally I don’t like the feel of it. It doesn’t feel nourishing enough for me, I just don’t like the feel of it. Repurchase: NO

Elucent Whitening Eye Cream*

At first I didn’t really like this but as I continued to use it I began to love the understatedness of it. Its a light to medium texture, blends in quickly and is light enough to wear under makeup but moisturising enough to use at night. Repurchase: YES

Elucent Whitening Hand Cream $20.99*

Surprisingly really good. Thickish formula but absorbs really quickly into the skin. Love this! Repurchase: YES

Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector $42.39*

I started this 2 weeks after the other products to see how the other products worked at evening out my skin tone. Personally  I noticed only slight differences. It worked well with minor pigmentation but with my stubborn ones I didn’t really notice much difference. Repurchase: NO

Day 1- Using Elucent Skincare
Week 2- Using Elucent Skincare

2 Week Update

At 2 weeks my skin was really clear, I think the clearest it had been in years (could also be due to me not wearing makeup for that period). At this point I was really happy with the results and could definitely see a positive result.

Week 6- Using Elucent Skincare

6 Week Update

Keep in mind I’m back to wearing makeup every day to work and I’m in air conditioning so my skin has naturally played up a little (hormonal break out on the chin). Even though a few bumps have come up (nothing to do with the Elucent range), I’ve noticed they’ve healed a lot quicker and the scarring has disappeared while using the Elucent range. Overall I feel that my skin is a lot brighter, the texture is smoother and personally I feel more comfortable wearing no makeup. Bae has even commented saying how good my skin looks!

Overall I’m really impressed. I think its quite an affordable range considering the quality you’re getting. Because I enjoyed the range so much I’ve collaborated with Elucent Skincare to giveaway the whole range, now that’s over $250 worth of product!!! To enter make sure to check it out on my instagram @rachelbeautystyle

*This product has been provided for reviewing purposes, all views and opinions are 100% honest.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Elucent Whitening Skincare Range

  1. You have gorgeous skin! I have some of these products from the whitening range, and they don’t really work that well for me, but they didn’t break me out either. I decided to give mine to a friend. I’m glad that they worked for you though! Lovely post! xx


    1. That’s disappointing! I guess everyone’s skin is different, but there were a few products from the range that I wasn’t fussed about. At least you gave them to a friend and they weren’t wasted x


  2. Your skin looks fabulous Rachel! I’m part way through the day and night cream from this range – it’s a beaut formula and my skin loves it, but it’s not really doing anything as far as lightening my pigmentation, but that’s a BIG job ha ha…


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