Meal Planning Tips

Hello lovely people,

With most of us back to work trying to get into a normal routine, personally I know how hard it is to organise my packed lunches. I’m a big fan of a packed lunch! If I had to buy lunch every day for a week I would spend a minimum of $50 a week and lets be real a good salad is at least $13 so it would be more than $50 a week! Anyway, here are my meal planning tips so we can all be organised, have a yummy lunch and save some dollars.

Plan your meals

Make a rough idea of what meals you’ll be eating throughout the week including dinners. That way you’ll know what days you’ll have left overs as well.

Shopping list

Shopping lists come in handy to keep you on track and get everything you need. Of course there’s times when I still run to the shops to get a few extra things but most of the time a weekly shop is enough.


Sunday prep day

Sunday is my day to prepare my lunches. Usually we have a Sunday roast, so automatically that’s my left overs for Monday lunch. While my roast is cooking I prepare salad stuff and cook some chicken or boil some eggs. I put all the salad stuff in individual take away boxes and don’t put any dressing on it, to keep it fresh. I usually make salads for 3 day in advance, anymore and the salad can look a bit limp.


Also at some stage during the weekend I might make protein balls or healthy muffins as a snack throughout the week. Click here to check out my protein ball recipe.


Weekday prep

Usually one day after work while preparing dinner I make extra so that we have left overs. At a minimum I cook extra chicken so I can whip up a quick salad.

I also always prepare my brekkie smoothie or brekkie the night before to make it faster in the morning. Click here to check out my brekkie smoothie recipe.


Hope those tips help you! It really does come down to being organised. I sound like such a geek but I love having a packed lunch, it means less time wasted trying to find something to eat during lunch and more money to spend on stuff I actually want (like makeup).

What are your tips to get organised with meal prep?

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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