Review: Faux Glow with Highlighters

Hello beauties,

Highlighters are relatively new thing for me, however now my collection has expanded to 4 (OMG! How did this happen?). Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on these from an amateur perspective for those ready to take the plunge into the glow world. I should note, I really struggled to take photos of the highlighters on my face but here’s my poor attempt. I’ll do some swatches on my instagram @rachelbeautystyle

MAC Mineralize Finish- Soft and Gentle

Cult beauty favourite, so of course I had to try it out. This highlighter has more of a peachy/ vanilla undertone. I find this a little chalky and the most subtle out of the lot. On the plus side you can build the highlight up.

Sleek Face ContourĀ Kit

The Sleek Contour Palette comes with a matte contour shade and a shimmery highlight. The highlight is a beautiful pinkish shade, similar to MAC Soft and Gentle. Similar to MAC it is on the more subtle highlight spectrum.

Wearing the Sleek highlighter
Wearing the Sleek highlighter

The Balm- Mary-Lou Manizer

Another cult beauty favourite. Mary-Lou has more of a gold undertone that can match all skin tones. This one has crazy pigmentation and itā€™s easy to get carried away with the highlight. A little of this really does go a long way. Mary-Lou is also great to be used as an eyeshadow or inner tear duct highlight. Great highlighter and worth the purchase. Just make sure to purchase in store and not online. I purchased mine online and it came a little brokenā€¦

Essence Highlighter

This has to be my favourite of the lot! Very similar to Mary Lou but has more of a vanilla shade to its highlight. The pigmentation is very strong and again you can get carried away if you decided to add a second layer. I think this highlighter was limited edition in the Essence Metal Collection, however I have heard great things about their other highlighters so I would definitely recommend trying them out. Essence highlighters typically retail for $5, so you canā€™t go wrong!

Wearing Essence Highlighter
Wearing Essence Highlighter

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are notĀ sponsored. rachelbeautystyle isĀ not a make up artist, beauty or skincareĀ specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Faux Glow with Highlighters

  1. Ah they look stunning on you! I reached pan on my Sleek one which I’m gutted about. I found the texture to be perfect on my skin. My current fave is the MAC one though in ‘Soft & Gentle’.


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