MAC Eyeshadow Starter Quad

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As I mentioned in one of my first posts, I love my MAC eyeshadows! It can be quite overwhelming when purchasing your first MAC eyeshadows, so many colours and such a big investment. Before I made my first purchase I did my research, what was the most popular colours used by beauty bloggers? Based on that I made my purchases and now can recommend my own faves to suit everyone!

My first tip is, if you’re looking at buying a few eyeshadows purchase an empty quad as it’s cheaper to buy each individual pan and it’s nice to have all your eyeshadows in one place. You don’t necessarily need a MAC quad, you could also use a Z palette.

Here’s the eyeshadows I would recommend for all skintones.  Top left- Mulch, top right- Sable, bottom left- All That Glitters and bottom right- Cork.


MAC Eyeshadow- Mulch

My first MAC eyeshadow! I loved the colour so much that I stupidly purchased it twice, haha! It’s a beautiful antique brown shade that can be used on a daily basis or on a night out. It’s my go-to shade when I can’t be bothered to be creative.


MAC Eyeshadow- Sable

Not a typical colour I would go towards as it has a purple/ reddie undertoned mauve colour (like the description?) But once on the eyes it’s beautiful and is that little bit different from the typical golds or browns. For fairer complexions another alternative would be MAC Satin Taupe which is more silvery mauve.



MAC Eyeshadow- All That Glitters

Again not something I would typically wear as it’s quite light. It’s very shimmery as the name suggests but it’s a great shade to glam up any makeup look. It has a pink and silver undertone and can be simply wiped over the whole lid for a wash of colour or can be added to the centre of the lid to make any eyeshadow pop!

All that glitters

MAC Eyeshadow- Cork

In any starter kit you need a matte colour for the crease and outer corner to darken the look. Brown is safer when starting off but if you’re confident you can’t go wrong with black. I love this in the crease to blend out harsh edges and this is great to build up colour on the outter edges to smoke out any eyeshadow. To see Cork in action, please look at the 3 previous photos, as Cork is used in the crease.


Next time you’re in a MAC store have a play around and ask the makeup artists what they would recommend for you. Just remember be realistic, what will you wear on a regular basis?

**Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored. rachelbeautystyle is not a make up artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk.

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