Review: Thin Lizzy Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp

Hi Beauties,

Are you like me and struggle to apply winged liner? Don’t worry, I think its fair to say most people struggle. The only way I can apply winged liner is using the sticky tape method. Here’s what I’m talking about in case you’re interested. 

That’s until now. Thin Lizzy have just introduced their revolutionary Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp* and OMG, it really is life changing.

Thin Lizzy Perfect Wing

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Tips to have a better night’s sleep

Having troubles sleeping? Ben and I have found some natural products that have helped us to have a better night’s sleep and we wanted to share them with you!


The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder or Green Tea

After dinner and about 30 minutes to an hour before we go to bed I have a green tea and Ben has The Beauty Chef Sleep tea. Green Tea does have small doses of caffeine, so if caffeine really affects you you’re better off avoiding it. Personally it doesn’t affect me and I find it really helps to digest my dinner before I go to sleep.

For Ben I make him a Sleep tea- which reminds me of a turmeric latte. I heat up some milk in the Nespresso milk frother. I put 1 teaspoon of sleep in a mug with 1 teaspoon of manuka honey and pour the milk while constantly stirring. Literally 30 minutes after drinking the sleep tea Ben will fall asleep ridiculously quickly.

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Review: Revlon Photo Ready Prep, Set, Refresh

Hey beauties,

Are you like me, and always on the hunt for finding away to prolong the wear of your makeup? Well I’ll try anything. I feel like I’ve tried so many foundations, powders and setting sprays- some work, most don’t. So when Revlon launched their new Photoready Prep Set Refresh Mist Primer Spray* I was a bit sceptical.

What Revlon says about their new Photoready Prep Set Refresh Mist Primer Spray:

  • Prime: Spray before applying makeup to create a smooth, even canvas
  • Set: Spray after application to set your freshly applied makeup look all day without fading or smudging
  • Refresh: Reapply spray throughout the day to refresh your skin and maintain a perfected finish

Revlon Setting Spray

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