Things to Consider When Travelling to the Maldives

Hey lovelies,

I wasn’t planning on doing a post about the Maldives because I think your experience can really vary depending on the resort you’re on. Personally we had the most amazing time at Finolhu and would highly recommend it. Anyway, back to the reason for this post, I wanted to share a few tips to consider and plan for when travelling to the Maldives. Which I think everyone should go to the Maldives at some stage in their life x


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Comparison Review: APOT.CARE Optilash Lash Enhancing Serum vs EyeEnvy Conditioner

Hi beauties,

I think it’s fair to say most women want longer and thicker lashes, well I’m definitely one of those gals! Did you know I hate mascara? Well I do! Its my least favourite makeup product. It could be because I have Asian lashes that are stubborn and won’t hold a curl. So recently I’ve been wearing no mascara, just curling my lashes. While my lashes are average in terms of volume and length I wanted a lash serum to really boost the definition around my eyes.

Being a tight arse, I didn’t want to buy LiLash as recommended by PixiWoo. So I did my research and found APOT.CARE did a lash serum and it was easily available from Mecca.


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Beauty Faves of 2017

Hello beauties,

Can you believe another year done and dusted? I can’t! 2017 has been an interesting year for the blogging community, changes to Instagram, marketing and disclosure rules and of course a bit of controversy. But through it all I still love it, because I get to talk to you about all my passions.

For 2018, I want to continue to branch out and focus more on fashion. I hope you’ll continue to stick it out with me. Of course beauty will still be my first love, but I don’t want to restrict myself and bore you with the same old. On that note, I’ve decided to stop monthly faves on the blog. I’ll still do it but on Instagram either through a post or Insta Stories. Comment below with your thoughts x

Anyway, moving on from the rambling intro to my well loved beauty products of 2017.


I’m not even going to specify the products because honestly it’s the combination of multiple products and regular Ultra treatments that has left me with the best skin I’ve had in years. Click here for my experiences with Ultraceuticals.


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